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    Builders and zombie warriors unite! There is a game in which you can click away to build a fortress and then blast away at zombies, all in one. It’s called Final Fortress – Idle Survivor. In this game, you are a part of a surviving group of humans. The world has been taken over by Mutant Bosses and Zombies. Your job is to construct a dwelling that’s strong enough to defend against these wandering marauders looking to feed on innocent humans. After downloading the game, your first mission is to complete the construction of your fortress. This involves tapping away at each level to make room for the survivors and to add defensive tools at every level.  Rooms that are available to build will vary at each stage of game play, but you will have the following floors, if you make it that far: 15th floor – Sniper Tower – at the top for the best shot 14th floor – Laboratory – important experiments take place here to help create weaponry 13th floor – Armory – weaponry storage 12th floor – Lounge Bar – a place to retreat to 11th floor – Fitness Room – helps keep your crew in

    The post Final Fortress – Construct Levels of Defense to Keep Zombies at Bay appeared first on AlphaDigits.

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    Do you have young kids (6-12) who drag their feet when it comes to learning, but jump at the chance to get on a device and play games? Whose kids don’t? Enticing children to learn has always been a challenge, but in today’s world, it has become increasingly creative and effective given the overabundance of learning apps available in the device marketplace to supplement a traditional school education. Einee tries to go beyond the traditional educational app field by not just educating but also inspiring kids explains Ilya, the founder of the company. “Most learning apps are so heavily focused on education that kids are repulsed. Which is why Einee is a play-first app meant to be fun and goofy. Education comes second, so that kids will naturally want to spend time with the app, unintentionally learning in the process. Einee is useful for inspiring kids, but also it helps them with their school education curriculum.” What Einee is a learning app that serves as an educational tool. It by no means substitutes for a school education, but it makes learning about some historical figures fun and entertaining for kids, which is the best way to teach – make it

    The post Einee – Kids Can Now Talk to Einstein Using a Reimagined Education App appeared first on AlphaDigits.

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    I stake no claim to being an expert on anything surf related, but I do know that the right conditions make for a great experience. Knowing where and when to surf can mean the difference between a great time or a day gone wrong. That’s where Epic – Surf Forecast comes to the rescue. Epic, as I will call it, is an app that provides details that surfers need to know before they suit up and set out on the waves. Information provided by Epic comes from knowledgeable sources that rely on precise scientific gear to measure and report on a variety of conditions, including: ECMWF – the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, providing an atmospheric model output WMO – World Meteorological Organization GTS land, ship and data buoy observations Imagery from global weather satellites – polar, orbiting and geostationary NCEP Global Forecast System atmospheric model output An atmospheric model for northern Asia provided by the Japan Meteorological Agency Surfers who use Epic’s Today Widget can do a quick check on their favorite surfing spots to find out how the conditions are: How are the swells at different points throughout the day? What is the wind speed and what

    The post Epic Surf Forecast – Know When to Hit the Waves appeared first on AlphaDigits.

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    I heard about and had started playing this game when I saw that it was ranking as one of the most competitive games in the Google Play and Best Android Games of 2018. I was inquisitive to see what it was all about. The game is free and easy to install. There are a couple of in-game purchases, but from what I could see, there is nothing that would hinder how the game proceeds. I simply downloaded it from Google Play and within minutes the game was active on my device. You can adjust settings such as music, sounds etc. I found it great that the settings for music and game sounds are separate. I like that I can choose which I prefer to hear or not have to listen to. The music is a little monotone.  These settings would also allow me to check rankings and invite any of the players to participate in a challenge. I liked this feature, as it meant that I will most likely find a gaming partner any time.  My profile would reflect my name, which I might add, is a really cool as it allows me to personalize the gaming features as well

    The post Fast of Clan – Will You Join or Start Your Own? appeared first on AlphaDigits.

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    The name was a little confusing and really does not describe the game well enough. The concept of the game represents the use of the fingerprint icon to follow a path that follows the block path on the screen. You have to follow a certain path and only qualify to jump blocks at certain access points. There are no frills with regards to graphics. You have sold the blue background with white blocks. The fingerprint icon is also white. I thought the pattern of swirls designed to look like the center of a fingerprint is a brilliant idea. It was the one part of the game that I was capable to quickly figure out. The music is very monotonous and rather than encourage you to want to play further, the music, in fact, has an extremely deep relaxation effect which actually takes away from the excitement and thrill of the game’s challenges. You can turn the music or game sounds off, I think it would be an absolutely noteworthy feature if one was capable adjusting and choosing your own background music and sounds. You have sold the blue background with white blocks. The game has 54 levels. Each level is

    The post whole. A Relaxing Puzzle Game appeared first on AlphaDigits.

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    This is a really great game, it is fun and interactive. I, however, did not find the name fitting. The only thing remotely connected to a bear is the few random teddy bears that feature in the background. The game is based on the whole monster truck experience. It is about achieving challenges, which are based on getting to the finish line and completing the obstacle of jumping over cars, trucks, rocks, houses and more with your little monster bug. I found the whole game fun and exciting but there are a few things that take away from the fun and potential of the actual game. Like the name for one. There is no indication of the age range for which the game is intended but I cannot see a child managing to strategically navigate the obstacles. The game would have been great with a name that makes reference to the monster truck experience. Each level and challenges are basically the same, They differ with the type of obstacles on each level. In some, you have to get over trucks, rocks and maybe a house or two. In others, there are cranes and structures to get over. I actually found

    The post Bear Racking Adventure – Fun and Interactive Game appeared first on AlphaDigits.

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    While the concept has spread like wildfire, the notion of cryptocurrency can be daunting at best for many. However, if you are well versed in this variation of monetary manipulations, then you should seriously consider downloading Cryptosaur. While the app has nothing to do with dinosaurs, it packs a huge punch in terms of functionality and visibility into the crypto world, which is vital for those who trade this type of currency and are looking to make a few bucks. Simple by design, but rich in features, Cryptosaur presents you with an abundance of information that’s real time and critical to the decisions you make throughout the day. No more guessing. No more wondering about what’s happening in the market. No more logging into different websites to see what’s happening with the different currencies. Cryptosaur brings it all together. What I liked about Cryptosaur, given the issues with personal data these days, is the fact that you don’t have to register to use it. There is not account and there is no sign ups required. Hallelujah!! The layout is clean, making it efficient and easy to use. The app is also very all encompassing, connecting into and presenting real time

    The post Cryptosaur – Easily Track and Trade in the Crypto Marketplace appeared first on AlphaDigits.

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    There’s no doubt that a strong command of any language you communicate in is a strength that cannot be measured. If you know the right words to use for any purpose, your purpose is well understood and you get results. You also get your point across better. You connect better. For those of us who use the English language extensively, we know all too well how social media is slowly destroying it, with users typing in words using spelling that does not even exist, just to type faster and use less characters. It’s no wonder that we’ve lost the ability to communicate clearly. Addalets could change that. Addalets is a word game that works the mind to learn more about the letters that make up words and helps you to learn more words and what they mean. There are several word games out there, where you have to create words from a jumble of letters, but Addalets takes it a step further by providing you with the meaning of the different words you could be creating. The object of the game is to take a set of words and create new set of words using the letters in the word

    The post Addalets – Word Puzzle to Stretch and Strengthen Your Mind appeared first on AlphaDigits.

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    If you’ve been scouring the app marketplace for the best way to rip DVDs, homemade and commercially made, then MacX DVD Ripper Pro should be the first place you go to get the quality copies you deserve. MacXDVD Ripper Pro takes as input almost all types of DVDs and converts them into various video formats that are viewable on iPhones, iPads and even Androids and works its magic to find the fastest way to copy its contents and save them for easy viewing on your Mac. The magic behind MacXDVD Ripper Pro is the 3-Level GPU hardware technology it leverages to read, convert and create the final content, maintaining the high level of quality found in the original file. The biggest advantages that MacXDVD Ripper Pro offers that make it stand out amongst the rest are: DVD Support – MacXDVD Ripper Pro offers the widest support, so you can save just about any type of DVD you can get your hands on – like recently released movies on DVD, homemade DVDs, 99-title DVDs, DVDs of TV series, exercise DVDs and even damaged DVDs. Speed – MacXDVD Ripper Pro has the fastest ripping speed, so you don’t have to wait long

    The post MacX DVD Ripper Pro – Fastest HandBrake Alternative to Rip Any DVD appeared first on AlphaDigits.

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    So often, events and items we put into our calendars are supplemented with files. Things like invites, lists, presentations, pictures, the list goes on. Most calendar apps these days don’t support the ability to tack on files to events you enter into their calendars, making it difficult to link them. This can get annoying especially if you use your calendar on a mobile device and you need to get to a file fast. Have no fear, FileCalendar is here! It’s an iOS app that serves as an add on to your device’s calendar app. It lets you attach files to each event. Files can be documents, agendas, shopping lists, notes, photos, videos and more. Not only is it a great tool for work, it’s beneficial for any project or time management needs you have. From planning board room meetings to planning birthday parties, FileCalendar keeps your stuff in one place, so you can focus on the meeting or event, not on searching for information. The app is free to download and easy to navigate. There is nothing difficult about it. The layout is clean and options are easy to understand and use. For each day, you can view the calendar

    The post FileCalendar Keeps you Organized and On Track appeared first on AlphaDigits.

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    Civilizations across time have differed in what they created, how they evolved and what they accomplished. But they all have one thing in common, man’s desire to rule. It’s been there from the very beginning, and in Rise of Civilization, you can put yourself in the shoes of someone who hails from a time lost to us, to build up and rise in power and conquer enemies who stand in your way. The game covers two sets of civilizations: East and West. In the East, there is China, Japan, Korea and India. All venerable by nature. In the West, there is Britain, Rome, Egypt and Islamic. Each region is probably well known to people who come from those areas; but no region is better or worse than the other in the game. They are all equally enticing and unique in their strengths. To start, you are transported to the Ancient ages. From there, you must work your way through civilizations, battles, build ups, and time to move on to the next era of civilization. You’ll start from the Bronze Age and then make your way to Ancient Times where you can choose your path in the East or West. In

    The post Rise of Civilization – Travel Back in Time and Rule the World appeared first on AlphaDigits.

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    In August 2017, Google decided to relax its notoriously hard stance on iGaming by removing restrictions for operators and developers in Western Europe — mainly the U.K., France and Ireland. Finally, organizations operating within these territories were able to directly market their Android apps to target users in the Play store (and take advantage of the business development opportunities this brought), and mobile gamers on the Android platform could get their hands on the same exciting iGaming apps that iOS users have always had access. It seemed like a win-win situation — the Play store would expand and Google would get an advertising revenue boost, gamers could access a wider range of apps, and the brands would gain more customers. Leading iGaming brand PokerStars was among the first batch of organizations permitted to enter its real-money app in the U.K. Play store, no doubt gaining several new customers as a result. However, operators and mobile casino fans here in the United States, Canada and other European territories were told that they would have to wait before they could enjoy the same spoils as their British, French and Irish counterparts. Although no timescale was given for any possible rollout of this

    The post One Year on and Google’s No Closer to Relaxing Global iGaming Restrictions appeared first on AlphaDigits.

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